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What are your tips for summer fitness?

Datetime: 2017-06-28 08:51:03    View: 2664

Summer temperature is higher, fitness exercise should pay more attention to fitness equipment, sports time and exercise intensity choice. Summer fitness, if you choose to exercise outdoors, try to avoid the high noon temperature interval, as far as possible to choose the morning or evening, this time the light is weak, effectively avoid the occurrence of high temperature heat stroke and so on. If you choose to exercise in the room, you can pay attention to the supplement of water according to your daily training time. After you exercise, you should pay attention to do some relaxation exercises.

In the choice of fitness equipment, you can choose a wide range of treadmills, fitness cars and power equipment are very good choice, according to their own training program can be. Summer sports, physical The new supersedes the old. too fast, exercise intensity should be moderate, the body feel tired when, should rest for a while, summer sports in addition to water evaporation, many minerals also with sweat loss after exercise can increase the intake of these minerals by eating more fruits and vegetables to ensure the nutrition needed by the body.